Friday, January 16, 2009

Using technology in the mathematics classroom

The title of the article : Beliefs about Using Technology in the Mathematics Classroom: Interviews with Pre-service Elementary Teachers.


Study Author (date): Cheng-Yao Lin (2007)

Research Design: Action research design

Research Approaches: Qualitative (more) and quantitative research

Problem: “Technology is essential in teaching and learning mathematics. However, many pre-service and in-service teachers are unfamiliar with the type of technology available to teachers. Many teachers lack the knowledge of how to properly incorporate technology” (p. 1).

Purpose: To design workshops with the primary purpose of instilling teachers’ confidence and improve their competency as well as fostering more positive attitudes toward using computers and Internet resources in the mathematics classroom. “To examine whether these workshops achieved their aim and how” (p 2).

1. “do pre-service teachers perceive the importance of technology in enhancing mathematics learning and supporting effective mathematics teaching?
2. how do pre-service teachers feel about using computer or Internet resources in teaching mathematics?
3. do pre-service teachers increase confidence and lessen anxiety toward using computers or Internet resources in teaching math attending we-based workshops on mathematics education?” (p. 2)

Hypotheses (if stated): -

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