Friday, January 16, 2009

Learning Online vs Live

Study: Learning About Screening Using an Online or Live Lecture
doi: 10.1046/j.1525-1497.2002.10731.x.

Authors/Date: Spickard, Alrajeh, Cordray, Gigante (2002)

Type of research: Quantitative & Qualitative (I've assumed Qualitative from the description that says "they provided narrative comments about their experience with the live lecture and the online lecture").

Research Design: Mixed Methods

Problem: As part of their education, medical students are required to complete outpatient clerkships in an ambulatory setting. These facilities may be located a considerable distance from the campus where required lectures are given.

Purpose: To determine whether an online lecture would be as efficient and effective as a live lecture on screening, for medical students participating in outpatient clerkships

Questions: Is it feasible to deliver a medical course online so that students at distant ambulatory sites can attend? Will there be any gains in the efficiency of delivering the course online?

Hypothesis: As stated by the authors, "medical students could expend less time but demonstrate equal satisfaction and knowedge in participating in an online versus a traditional classroom lecture on screening."

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