Thursday, January 15, 2009

EDI link

Here is the link to UBC's Early Child Development (EDI) project


  1. After reviewing the HELP materials for School District #36 (Surrey/White Rock) I was amazed at the variance between Ocean Park, which came out on top on almost every measure, and Strawberry Hill South, which was at or near the bottom of almost every measure. It seemed that in general, there was a strong correlation between socio-economic status and at risk factors, as one would expect. Fascinating to look at.

  2. I have friends who have taught in the two geographical areas that you have mentioned and one of the main factors they have pointed out is the amount of parental involvement in their child's education in the Ocean Park area is quite significant. This involvement encompasses school activities such as fund-raisers, sports events, information nights, PAC and so on. Parents appear to be directly involved in the students education and some are willing to pay $50.00/hour to have their grade 9 child tutored, even if the student is receiving an A in the course! I have had students in the past who have had a full-time tutor in order to maintain their A average in school. Also, I have noticed that in the Ocean Park area there is a HUGE turnout of parents during parent-teacher interviews - thie is quite an important event in our school as the interview sessions usually end up going over-time in order to accommodate all the parents.