Thursday, January 15, 2009

Assignment 1.3 preview: "Improving learning performance in laboratory instruction by means of SMS messaging"

Authors/Date: Martinez-Torres, M.R., Toral, S.L., Barrero, F., and Gallardo, S. (2007)

Research Design: Action Research (Practical)

Type of Research: Quantitative and Qualitative

Problem: Does a technologically improved laboratory instruction method have a notable influence on the students’ learning performance?

Purpose: To investigate the factors that lead to an increase in learning performance using the bidirectional short message service (SMS) interaction.

Questions: Does SMS lead to an improvement in learning performance? How can the results for interactivity be demonstrated through the three learning theories (behaviorist, cognitivisit, and constructivist)?

Hypothesis: Increased interactivity opportunities for students will lead to a positive attitude being reflected towards the laboratory learning experience. This positive learning attitude will encourage students to be successful in their laboratory performance.

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